The Real ‘Festival’ Radar: Justin Prime’s NEXCHAPTER

Yes, prepare yourself. Our rare sigil of approval is going to stamp upon Justin Prime’s nascent label, NEXCHAPTER (including its sublabel Future NEX). That’s pretty much fun considering the Dutch producer has rarely convinced me in recent years, before the “reborn” thanks to Rave Culture’s initiatives.

When met by the announcement of the commence of the said imprint, I was like “well, yet another useless label for saving on revenues” (remember the time every artist on the block was opening their labels?). Yet, NEXCHAPTER is more than that appropriation. Its roster, whether you prefer Big Room or not, is impressive.

To begin with, we have project “Valkyrie“: the newest release by CODEX (SE) and Mike Miami, a gorgeous Festival-meant creation that convinced me to throw heaps of praise at both artists (whom I’ve already introduced on past occasions) and the label, which is focused on underrepresented name. Something like what Radar should do instead of regurgitating the four Bass House releases every week.

Before this, we also have a sequence of excellent releases, including favorites such as “I’m Not Missing You” by XanTz, Arvenius, and Nia Mousai (sweet Progressive), and “Love Drunk” by STVW or “Time Machine by Reggio. As depictable, NEXCHAPTER has (rare) Justin Prime releases and several ‘famous’ names from the Revealed/RC domains. Future HEX targets smaller aliases, who most of the time, deliver solid results with appreciable sound design and lots, lots of surprises. The list includes the likes of Jetty Rachers, DJ Kuromi, Captain Curtis, HUMBL3: all great names I see deservingly offered there.

I called ‘NEXCHAPTER’ the real Radar because that’s where I am scrounging for fresh names to review. The quality demonstrated has remained high, the surprises are behind the door, and honestly, I’m rarely disappointed by generic arrangements. Justin Prime maybe focuses on the grander stage set-up by Rave Culture at the moment, but NEXCHAPTER is a genuine venture that cares about smaller/medium names, bringing a plethora of entertaining EDM to the table. If you are making Big Room and want something considerable to work with, this is one project to be mindful of.