The son of Shaq brings a different spin to Tech House with “Revival”

The son of Shaq brings a different spin to Tech House with “Revival”

68%Overall Score

• Eh, the M1 organ lead
• Great pairing with Hadar Adora’s voice
• Clean setup, smooth transitions

A deep house creation, “Revival” is an interesting outcome from the minds of Myles O’Neal and Hadar Adora, and deserves a special mention. A surprise came right after the first draft— turns out Myles is the son of Shaquille O’Neal— basketball icon and most recently, EDM producer under the moniker of DJ Diesel. So cool!

Unlike his father, Myles doesn’t foray into Dubstep/Bass House realms; rather he operates with old-school Dance lead mixed with pumping Tech House arrangements. “Revival” seems to be inspired by Tchami’s label Confession and carries a distinct personality, and I must say that Hadar Adora’s vocal delivery is quite the match!

One thing I must mention— using a lead that sounds like the M1 organ from Robin S’ “Show Me Love”— an easy pick perhaps, even in a Tech House track. The fact that Myles crafted a buoyant bassline right under and fine-tuned the elements helps avoid falling into cliches; albeit dangerously close. “Revival” sounds kinda familiar, right around the beginning.

Yet, the evolution in the layout of the instrumental is compelling, with a Techy lead in a drop that took me by surprise— Hadar’s voice blending seamlessly— as percussions play hard in the central segment. We are talking about a solid track; clean, well produced with the right cogs in place. I just can’t, however, entirely let go of the familiarity from the initial seconds.

You can listen to “Revival” here: