The songwriters behind smash SHM hits return with a new track

Swedish House Mafia‘s “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Save the World” exude a vibrant and timeless electronic personality that would earn the respective singles acknowledgment in an EDM canon if one ever were to exist. The lyrical mastery behind two of SHM’s biggest hits, as well as that of Tiësto‘s”Red Lights,” Avicii‘s “Fade Into Darkness,” and Martin Garrix‘s “Now That I’ve Found You” can be attributed to the collective work of songwriters John Martin and Michel Zitron.

Martin and Zitron’s prowess in songwriting circles will empower the lyricist duo’s latest project, an electronic alias by the name of “VCATION.” SHM enthusiasts can for now put aside their question as to whether Martin and Zitron will pen future releases for the superpower group, and can instead enjoy a nascent preview of VCATION sound through the release of VCATION’s debut single, “Lay Low.”

“‘Lay Low’ is about allowing yourself a break, a breath of fresh air and maybe just pulling the curtains down for a day,” Martin and Zitron said of the song. “The world is f’d up, and we play a bit with irony in the song regarding the current state of society, and regarding ourselves and our own behaviors,” the songwriters added.

A mellow number that touts Martin and Zitron’s fluid, easy listening approach to melodic arrangement perceptible on tracks like “Red Lights,” “Lay Low’s” male vocal-centric aesthetic and unimposing synth work make for a familiar yet fresh showing from the pair.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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