“The Sultan” of the drops! Entertaining and hardcore release from the Aussie legends Joey Riot and JTS

"The Sultan" of the drops! Entertaining and hardcore release from the Aussie legends Joey Riot and JTS

86%Overall Score

• Squeaky drops, right into action
• Turns into a more melodic Psy sequence
• Fun & energetic, steady pacing

Today’s feature is off the rocker! With the right punch of energy and good measures of adrenaline, gaming soundtrack, or gym beats— call them whatever you want— are the real underground bangers that turn playlists exciting! “The Sultan” falls into that lively bunch, taking cues from Deorro and Melbourne Bounce; and the protagonists are Joey Riot and JTS hailing from Australia, of course.

Their usual releases tend to be very hardcore, dabbling with Hardstyle and Hard Bounce, something well recommendable too. Their most recent track “The Sultan” is far from a ‘chill’ tune: What I liked here is the work on lead, the exploration of ethnic sounds, and well… how the drop kicks in. Or should I say ‘the two drops’?

Quite brutal, the sturdy discharge of the squeaky leads and hefty basses happen without a single second of pause. Already a fantastic beginning, there are sudden changes between the brutal lead and some samples; and we are not even through 25% of the duration! Imagine my surprise as the duo elevated from a simpler pattern into a more exotic Hard Psy groove (hence the track’s title): first, with a mysterious buildup, launching into more melodic Hardstyle territory later! Nothing so unfamiliar for this genre, but given the boldness, I was expecting an anti-climax right away.

A fascinating creation, “The Sultan” is one of the most entertaining tunes from the past weeks. The intensity, the aggressive nature— tied with a Deorro-type lead— transforms this into something else magically. Congratulations are in due for the artists involved here!

You can listen to “The Sultan” here: