The Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Songs For 2021

The top electronic dance music of the year is a compilation that showcases the best and new talent that has emerged in the DJ’ing world. Every year artists put out new and exciting projects that are sure to please with their musical tastes. In this article we will be reviewing some of the top tracks from the season that have made the top five.

Disclosure had an absolutely fantastic year with their debut album ‘Modern Day.’ This collection was recorded by the famous producer, Disclosure. This project was a huge success due to the fantastic tracks and musical concepts that Disclosure uses. This band has cemented their position as one of the most popular up and coming DJs in the world. Their very own radio show’Disclosure Radio’has taken the UK by storm with their incredible music.

One of the most talked about and anticipated albums this year was Porter Robinson’s ‘Plastic Beach.’ This was the brainchild of Porter Robinson, a new comer to the world of electronic dance music. This album has been praised by everyone in the music industry and is expected to be a huge success next year. A lot of tracks from the album were absent from this year’s ‘Best of Dubstep’ list due to their mainstream popularity. Hopefully we will see those tracks make their way onto ‘WOW’ next year. Regardless, the man is a beast and should be respected.

No list could write enough songs about this man, Jamie Whooson. After only a couple of tracks, people began idolizing him as they listened to his incredible blend of vocals and beats. He has already released two other albums and is about to drop a major CD named ‘Unleashed.’ We can only hope that his success is epic. His first single ‘Take Me Away’ is already flying off the shelves and has been receiving huge applause from all over the world. Expect a new wave of great albums from the master of nostalgia.

This was a pretty tough choice but having both Kid Cudi and Justin Bieber on the same radio show was insane. Sure, Cudi may have had his record turned up but he is still Cudder and no one will take his spot at a party. On the other hand, Justin’s fan base may be dwindling, but I can guarantee you that no one would miss this track either. This is the perfect track for a party DJ set and Justin is the perfect guest for the job. Bieber and Cudi are constantly in the studio working on new music, so expect tons of tracks from both artists this year.

One track that really made the party atmosphere come alive was ‘Come Together.’ This is a collaboration between David Gutta and Diplo. This track is sure to be a huge hit for 2021 and will top many other songs at the party. This collaboration was a perfect fit for a buddy like Gutta who knows how important a DJ is in a party and how important a good mixer is to get the party going.

This is sure to be a banger for any party DJ who wants to keep the crowd excited. People love a good rock mix and this track has it. The vocals are top notch and the beat is something that even dance artists will be able to relate to. ‘This is what I do’ is a great way for any new dj to get started without putting out a bunch of old material. Expect this to be at the top of the list on the dance charts soon enough.

These are just a few of the top electronic dance music songs for a party dj to choose from. No matter what type of party you are having, these tracks are sure to get the party rocking and kicking. Make sure you check out the full album when picking a dj this year. You might be surprised.