Three Gems in Dharma Sound of Summer Vol 2

It perhaps would have been better to review the entire Dharma Sound of Summer Vol 2, but after near colossal and exhaustive article for the Musical Freedom album, I desired to do something more detailed this time.

Nonetheless, Dharma grabbed the opportunity and dropped a splendid compilation, showing its various hallmark ethnic vibes and excellent productions, with a particular focus towards the newer, lesser known talents in the industry. We are repeating ourselves, but Dharma keeps going well. We love its ideology.

Sure, we have serious doubts about some of the names involved (Gian Nobilee? Ahahahah) and the Psy-trance ideas are becoming quite predictable, but overall, there is a great quality level here. Ignoring the splendid Kaaze Remode on “Devil Inside Me” (85/100), since we reviewed the original already, we want to focus on three songs that particularly amazed us.

Jasted, Castion & Vovich – In The Dark (Feat. Nathan Brumley)

Castion was already in our radars in recent times, but with this team-up alongside Jasted, Vovich and Nathan Brumley, we think they perfectly nailed it. The breakdown initiates a grabby Egyptian-vibe segment that shows an unexpected and aggressive twist in the drop. Super fun release, a new way to make future house!

Dharma Worldwide · Jasted, Castion & Vovich – In The Dark (Feat. Nathan Brumley)

Somanshu & Dronark – Vaani (Feat. Mitika Kanwar)

There is something in this atmosphere that made me fall in love with “Vaani”. It’s a delicate tune, in pure Indian style (stunning vocal included), that suddenly adds a subtle EDM touch. I loved how the trio fused ethnicity with a creative formula, way more natural and genuine than all the forced hybrids around there.

Dharma Worldwide · Somanshu & Dronark – Vaani (Feat. Mitika Kanwar)

Sartek & DISTORT – Yodha

Sartek, after some releases on Revealed, took a different direction, however he’s back with a bouncier collab with DISTORT. The first drop left me bit neutral, but with the Hardstyle switchover I felt why KSHMR liked the idea. It’s a beautiful composition enhanced by a hypnotic tribal vocal.

Dharma Worldwide · Sartek & DISTORT – Yodha

You can listen to “Dharma Sound of Summer Vol 2” here:

Dharma Worldwide · Dharma Sounds of Summer | Volume II