Throwback Of The Month – Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

I am going to be honest, I didn’t know which track should I make a throwback of! Too many amazing choices out there… So I went to a YouTube compilation and randomly choose a timestamp: luckily it appeared a tune that I have a lot to talk about and that recently became notorious (once again).

“Push The Feeling On” by Nightcrawlers is August’s Throwback Of The Month. You may know it under his several remixes (from “Hotel Room Service” by Pitbull to the 2020’s “Friday”).

The original idea is an underground classic, released first as an Acid Jazz production in 1992, then becoming a global hit when reowrked by DJ Marc Kinchen in the 1995 “Dub Revisited Edit”. Afters various versions during the 00’s. nowadays “Push The Feeling On” is mostly remembered because of its 2020 remake and the video by the Youtube star Mufasa. Personally, I find the 1995 version very good despite its incredibly repetitive lyrics and it is a song that I really like to hear sometimes when I am in a specific mood. As opposite, the 2020 remake is strange…

The remake changed its name to “Friday” (I suppose it is in honor to the video) and it is not only made by Nightcrawlers (the original authors), but shows as featuring Riton (a British producer unknown for me), Mufasa himself and the rapper Hypeman. Mufasa, for me, only contributed to the videoclip and its name is there of his fame; anyway this “Dopamine re-Edit” is just a weak twist of the 1995 idea, worsening it without adding anything relevant.

Concluding, “Push The Feeling On” is one of these songs that everyone heard but no-one knows its name. Well, now you know it: congrats to Nightcrawlers and to MK for this all-time classic!

You can listen to “Push The Feeling On” here: