Throwback of The Month: Tim Berg – Seek Bromance

Starting the “Throwback of the month” instalment is a golden hit, a reminder of Electronic music’s peak at its renewed commercial nascence around a decade ago. Nothing pulls the heart-strings as much as listening to the iconic “Seek Bromance” from the ever distinguished Avicii. The Swedish act gave the scene numerous classics there after, as this production marked inception of the illustrious career lying ahead of the young mastermind.

Almost eleven summers ago, a then uprising talent going by the alias Tim Berg had just released the instrumental version of “Bromance”, originally released via Swiss label Pinkstar (now under Sirup Music). As it started trending in other countries, a reworked version of the track would entail in the fall of the year. A grand incident occurred as the recently turned twenty-one year old added the vocal performance of British songstress Amanda Wilson from “Love U Seek”, made by Italian heavyweight Samuele Sartini around the same time. This combination turned the energetic and melodic Electro-progressive House into an instant hit, released via esteemed UK insignia Ministry of Sound.

Statistics aside, this ensured a breakthrough for Avicii, who got confident from this massive success and unveiled “Levels” only a year later. The earlier stage of his career saw him dabbling with Electro House and reshaping Dance music afterwards, specializing in uplifting and melodic creations second to none. “Bromance” depicted the start of a beautiful journey, and resonates exquisitely the positivity and happiness Avicii spread with his creations.

We all know the familiar style of the Swedish hitmaker, and in “Seek Bromance” the positive and joyful vibes (a constant presence in his creations) are brought by a well-developed piano lead, together with a sweet melodic pattern. Thank you, Tim.

Afterthought: During my brief research on this song, I realized this article would be the perfect space to house this message: If you ever feel emotionally stressed or incompetent, do not hesitate to reach out to a friend or loved one. There is always someone there to listen and help you feel better and safe.

You can listen to “Seek Bromance” here:

DO IT YOURSELF · Tim Berg – Seek Bromance (Avicii Vocal Extended)