Tiësto presents VER:WEST – 5 Seconds Before Sunrise

• Co-produced by CamelPhat
• Slower, hazy and nostalgic production
• Sequel to “10 Seconds Before Sunrise”

It is really happening, something fans have anticipated for a really long time. The lockdown has brought out the best for many artists in different ways, be it live-streaming, showing massive support and taking things to the next level. This month is special for its beauty of comebacks, particularly in the Trance spectrum such as Ummet Ozcan creating ‘BAAS’ to present more Trance works. Even prior this we had Orjan Nilsen bringing back his DJ Governor moniker. The surprise however lay ahead of us, when the Dutch legend Tiesto launched a new project named “VER:WEST” with a sneak preview which fulfilled the rumour that he was indeed reverting to his pioneering style.

While the title clearly suggests it is a follow-up to his 2007 classic ’10 Seconds Before Sunrise’. The question which lies over whether it’s a genuine return or just his take on the current “Melodic House/Techno” bandwagon, Tijs fortunately admitted himself that it is a Melodic House project, but since the genre lines are blurring over here, fans have taken benefit of the doubt and hence are comforting on this untimely rentrée. But like many other discography additions from the mentioned heavyweight, this too involves a very reputed duo from the House scene in co-production. CamelPhat can be seen credited here, which is no surprise since the pair have shown their capability to craft breathtaking songs.

Divulging into this creation, we are reminded of his earlier album “In Search of Sunrise”, the compliations which would commence with slower and sublime Progressive Trance music. The vibrancy is reflected over here, even if there is more inclination towards the slower Deep House structure. The melodic hook is calming and hypnotic, attributing a Trance-y vibe (we do have to remind ourselves that Melodic Techno is a precedent genre of Trance), the texture and intensity evolving as the song progresses with elegant and slower drum patterns and hazy synth riffs.

The hype before revelation of this particular composition was effectively cultivated, as Beatport classified it as Trance during the pre-order stage. I, for one, can already claim myself a fanatic for this alter-alias, since it’s the closest thing to his earlier style and soundset. Even after his mainstream-oriented album (London Sessions) and an unexplained Football community collaboration, this new beginning certainly guarantees and warrants more such hybrid yet nostalgic productions in the coming future!

Written in collaboration with Our Trance Relations.

You can listen to “5 Seconds Before Sunrise” here: