Tiësto & Deorro – Savage

• Back to 2014
• A fewer changes, otherwise the same
• A potential club hit for this year

The infamous Tiesto edits are becoming almost unbearable these days, but every week or two I wonder where exactly the Dutch star is heading towards with his style, as I can’t figure out what exactly he’s looking for in terms of developing his signature. Whatever, I’ll talk about Deorro.

The Mexican producer gained worldwide fame with “Five Hours” and the vocal edit “Five More Hours” in 2014 that featured RnB star Chris Brown, one of the few notable releases of LE7ELS (Avicii’s label). I suppose most of you know the familiar loop, which perfectly brought Deorro’s dirty lead to a more commercial audience since it was “diluted” in a melodic Electro House salsa.

Eight years later (wow, time flies), I am hearing this sound again. One has to admire Deorro for not having milked the idea, again and again, rather focusing on more exotic structures (like “Bailar” and “Pica”). Yet, so much time has passed that fans were craving to hear a fresh twist on the notorious style: “Savage” hits the intended targets, at least, in theory.

Practically, yes, it’s a resounding one. I adored the elegant chords shimmering in the background, augmenting the breakdown instead (which was almost treasurable in its much-reputed precursor hit), while the vocals didn’t particularly strike the chord with me. Suddenly, Deorro introduces his lead, opening a vault of nostalgia with more or less the same blueprint from 2014, plus some changes in the melodic notes. I wished the bassline could get more aggressive and smacking, as this one didn’t bring the bouncier playfulness as much, yet I can confirm that it works.

“Savage” could turn itself into a massive club hit for this year, what’s guaranteed is that these guys know their game. There’s a residual doubt as to if this formula will remain efficient; it might even end up being a decently mid-sized success. What’s important is that it satisfied me plenty, being a sort of rework that introduces an elegant touch of the orchestra, and if you know as stated in my past reviews, I am addicted to that. Welcome back Deorro!

You can listen to “Savage” here:

Musical Freedom · Tiësto & Deorro – Savage