Tiesto Kicks Off 2024 With FAST BOY On ‘All My Life’

The godfather of EDM is kicking off 2024 with a bang. Tiesto and German duo FAST BOY teamed up for a fast-paced track in ‘All My Life.’ The dance-pop crossover is beautiful in nature and will get your feet moving once the drop hits.

Fueled by powerful Main Stage components and heartening, inspiring vocals, ‘All My Life’ is poised to lift you up. The record is an engaging dance experience with its synthesizer-driven rhythm and a drop characterized by rhythmic stutters. The track mirrors the varied influences molding today’s culture. One might say this is pop-techno. I am not sure if that is a new term but I think it fits. Tiesto had this to say:

I’m very excited to kick off the new year with All My Life, a collaboration with FAST BOY on my own label Musical Freedom. I love this song, and it makes me feel happy! Hope you enjoy it as well!

Tiesto has had an unparalleled career rising to global stardom. 2023 was one of his best with the release of his DRIVE album. We cannot wait to see what he has in store for this year. Tiesto is currently on tour which you can check out here. He has a residency at LIV Nightclub in Vegas, but will also be in Florida end of this month, and at The Brooklyn Hanger in February.

Make sure to check out ‘All My Life’ below!