Tiesto Talks About Potential Collaboration With Rezz – "Yes I would be super down to work with her!"

Tiesto is indisputably one of the most influential dance music producers of all time. He shapes the industry with every album he drops. He helped trance explode in the 90's and shifted the focus of producers everywhere when he started to step away with his sound on his landmark LP, Kaliedoscope.

Today Tiesto posted a pic of him in the studio asking fans who he should collaborate with next. One fan spoke up and suggested Rezz as a future collaborator. Tiesto not only replied to the fan but did so with excitement.

He responded that he would love to work with Rezz on a future production. Rezz was pretty excited about the tweet herself. As was her mom who was apparently fangirling pretty hard when Tiesto responded to the suggestion in the affirmative. So, are we going to see a Tiesto/Rezz collab in the future? We can only hope.