Timmy Trumpet & KSHMR feat. Zafrir – The Prayer

• Cliffhanging rating, thanks to unsure factors
• Vigorous drop, with two hard psy-kicks
• SINPHONY’s near perfect genesis

While deciding to share my experience for the newest release “The Prayer” with you guys, I had an evergrowing dilemma on whether to talk about this production. Thus, I moved rather slowly on this, and at the time of writing, I am not sure if it will be out in the next ten days or not. I cannot collect my thoughts on this one, simply because the project is… strange.

I should not be putting any emphasis on the absurd cover art selection, and mind you, I am not sanctimoniously religious. It is somewhat offensive and inane.

That being said, there we have our subject: SINPHONY records. It’s the new imprint from the Australian figure, and if my beliefs are placed right, this could turn out to be quite the upstart. It could become the new epicentre for “Bounce” style of music, provided management does not make shrewd decisions in future.

This particular collaboration has involvement of one very eccentric artist, Zafrir. He has participated in massive psy-collaborations recently with the likes of Armin, W&W, Alok and Mr. Black, yet his origins remains convoluted in mystery. Perhaps the vagueness will be cleared if further facts come to light about him.

Headlining beside Timmy Trumpet is the American hotshot KSHMR, but his presence did not convince me entirely. I did feel his signature was predictable in the breakdown segment, maintaining a minimal tonality for some reasons. His influence is noticeable in the vocal added: just a classic mystical loop that does add some charm to the platter.

Even though there exists a love-hate relationship between me and Timmy Trumpet, as he has a discomfiting habit of jumping into projects like “Kalinka” or “Carnival, certain times he proves his ability on actually working with genuine effort and creativeness. Yes, he is a better performer than a producer, say like Aoki, but this time he showed some unobtrusive passion towards “The Prayer”. A dark and brutal drop is paired along this instrumental, adding couple of kicks, both operating admirably well in the situation.

Undoubtedly, “The Prayer” strikes aggressively and is an intriguing, yet unusual launch for the label. Time only will tell on what kind of goals SINPHONY and its owner has, but for now, they have colourfully passed their first exam!

You can listen to “The Prayer” here:

sinphonyrecs · Timmy Trumpet & KSHMR – The Prayer (feat. Zafrir)