Timmy Trumpet – Mars

• Italo Dance mixed with Happy Hardcore elements
• Vocal that works appropriately, discording partially
• Hypothetically successful summer hit

Being Italian, Italo Dance is a crucial part of my musical culture. In certain regions of my nation where clubs kept their foot grounded to earlier styles (almost accountable to 90 percent of the area), they heavily rotate the 90’s classics from country veterans such as Gigi D’agostino or Gabry Ponte every night.

Surely, this can be a tiring style for me talk about, even if it demonstrates extreme capability of being a dance-able and energetic music. Fortunately for me, skilled producers such as Marnik and W&W revamped it in a creative way recently, instilling the hope that perhaps we will see further innovations in a genre defying progressive measures and adhering to orthodox blueprints for over two decades, since its commercial apex in the scene.

Now it’s the turn of Timmy Trumpet, who adopted Italo Dance; sort of, with Happy Hardcore mixed in for his latest release “Mars”. An enjoyable experience overall, I decided to share my opinion on this one.

For starters, we have a captivating chorus abruptly followed by a hard-hitting drop, the classic segment cut perfectly for a summer party. There is also absence of the nailing hardstyle kick, its replacement used however is much softer (considering the requirements of the style). The concluding section entails with aggressive mindset, having a bounce-y loci to impress the crowd!

Speaking about the vocal, the concern that it could have a more proficient placement cannot be neglected. During its play-through, there is overlapping between the vocal and instrumental, resuming in slightly confusing results. Being such a dominant schematic, fusing them together wasn’t the brightest idea ever. Apart from these clashes, the cheery voice did the job splendidly.

Sinphony, for the better parts, is still in trial mode and awaiting for a strong roster, but it seem for now that the label-head is continuing the project in the initial phase with great enthusiasm, with an important collaboration, a unique experiment (with “The King”) and then this possible summer hit.

Nothing spectacular, but a delightful production that is intending to gather more streams minus the clichés or Pop orientation. Can’t complain much!

You can listen to “Mars” here:

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