Tom Budin & Castion – Around Me

Tom Budin & Castion - Around Me

80%Overall Score

• Hypnotic vocal, well-selected pauses
• Aggressive kick, Techno influences
• Great teamwork of different styles

It’s always nice to hear this sort of synergy where distinct names having their styles, come up with something never heard before. Castion, mostly reputed for his experimental Future Bounce (shifting into Tech lately) and the minimalist attitude of Tom Budin joined forces for “Around Me”, out on IN/ROTATION.

What immediately captured me was the production details, which feature an innovative take on the vocals with an exotic atmosphere. Tom Budin had his touches with the percussions, always keeping a consistent Tech House theme. There is also an ethereal vocal sample in the background, with an excellent choice of modulation. The total outcome is hypnotic and vivid, with a couple of carefully selected slower segments to intensify the climax. The kick is almost Techno in terms of its brute nature.

“Around Me” grows and develops with its massive bursts of stamina, with a touch of mystery from the instruments used to make it more fascinating. It’s genuine how the duo experimented with new things, delivering a familiar foundation yet brimming with personality. I expect great things this collab to do great in streaming, considering the steady success Tech House has achieved. While these kinds of drops aren’t my first preference, I am finding more similar gems frequently.“Around Me” is no exception to that!

You can listen to “Around Me” here: