Tomas Abester And Ren Faye Join Forces On ‘Year of the Dragon’

Treat yourself to a tasty, epic Progressive Trance tune this Friday.

We’re always delighted to get the news that new Trance has come out. In times in which this genre and Techno are so closely related, it’s easy to fall into the blend of both, which, it’s not bad at all. That being said, there’s a little being deep inside ourselves that loves a more purebred Trance every now and then. And you can bet we have the perfect one today for you.

We’re no strangers to the crafts of Tomas Abester. He’s solidified himself as a crucial artist in Addictive Sounds. Actually, today’s release is the fifth one of the year for him under the label. If you found himself vibing to the energy of his Nomad EP, hold on tight: you’re in for a treat with his latest single, ‘Year of the Dragon‘.

‘Year of the Dragon’

This time, Abester received a very welcome collaborator: renowned singer/songwriter Ren Faye. One of the iconic voices of Trance meets an unstoppable production. What more could you ask for?

The track features Tomas Abester’s core arrangement cues, such as Imhotep-face-inducing bass growls, tasty snares, percussion for days, and a round of tension just before a sudden break enters. This very break is where Ren’s unmistakable voice comes to life, taking turns with an epic electric guitar.


If the break wasn’t uplifting enough, the tension that builds up to the drop finally resolves in a pure beat, with a sustained Trance lead driving the song forward and guiding the path for the rest of the elements that all come to collaborate. The piece is the definition of power and melody combined, with a spectacular result.

Listen to Tomas Abester and Ren Faye‘s hot new single ‘Year of the Dragon‘ reaching below for the Spotify button you know and love. And stay tuned to our site to be up to date on news and views of our beloved EDM industry!