Tomas Abester Bids Farewell To 2023 With Banging New Single ‘Altares’

On the heels of a great year, our favourite Argentinian Progressive Trance maker had space for one last piece of music.

We’ve noted it before, and we’ll continue to say it: how good it feels to stumble across a purist Progressive Trance track once a fortnight. For those who love the sensations Trance makes you feel, but without the need to have the strong Uplifting kicks, and yet without having to compromise the grittiness of commercial Electro, this genre is the ideal in-between. It is, in fact, how I got to the genre, so it does hold a special place in my heart.

To add to that special feeling, enter maestro Tomas Abester. He’s no stranger to us, and hopefully neither to you. After a successful 2023, which left us with tremendous bangers such as the Nomad EP — from which I had the pleasure of giving its title track a spin as a DJ —, and just recently, ‘Year Of The Dragon‘, he’s closing this season with his debut on Gallant Records, with a single titled ‘Altares‘.

Tomas Abester.


Perhaps the most special tracks are born from inspiration borrowed from a place, or a moment in time that is so unique to the artist behind its creation. Such is the case of Abester’s latest, since ‘Altares‘ gets both its name and, most importantly, its vibe, from a little place in the middle of Argentina, the Altares Valley, in the Chubut province.

Tomas’ song captures the high mesas and the low foliage of the Valley, all while staying true to his catchy Progressive Trance production suite. Enjoy washed-out vocal beds, plucky arpeggios, distant guitars, and aerated sounds that will, most likely, fly you straight to the neverending horizons of one of Argentina’s wonders.

The Altares Valley. Photo credit: Lisandro M. Enrique

While you’re still looking at that picture (we won’t judge you, we had the same reaction), make sure to listen to Tomas Abester‘s ‘Altares‘ down below, by pressing ‘Play’ on your beloved Spotify player we’ve attached. Alternatively, click here to be sent to YouTube, or here to support the release on the platform of your choosing. And stay tuned to our site for the latest, hottest releases out there!