Tone Depth – Walls

• Minimal arrangements
• Particular emphasis on melody and sound-selection
• Profound and intense without an intricate set-up

It has been on my checklist for a while to discuss about the reputed imprint of Afterlife for a few months now. As I traverse more into melodic soundscapes of Techno, the said collective has fascinated me more times than I can count. Last month (yes, unfortunately I discovered later than usual), a three song compilation titled “Walls” from a talented Tone Depth. The contents are moody and dark to a satisfying degree, donning a sombre tonality without scarcity of the propulsion to move forward and present an ever-changing backdrop.

There’s lot to be said about the record publishing insignia founded by the Italian luminary duo Tale Of Us. If you are interested in finding a junction that abridges unconventional and analogue-heavy electronic music, then Afterlife serves as that perfect niche. They have impacted Techno/House genres to extents that their signature has become a modern inspiration to both uprising and established creators alike. Boasting an expanding roster of significant performers such as Mathame, KAS:ST, Agents Of Time, ARTBAT and more. Aforementioned brand has continuously proved itself as a smorgasbord of underground Dance music. While my plans were originally to talk about their recent Unity (part II) get-together album, the lengthy albeit promising assortment has plenty of worth-notable productions to press repeat on.

Defining the primary signature employed by Tone Depth would require more than a profuse description, but he operates on minimalism and organic components. Say a raw and live performance, which has more the expectancy to be stuck in one’s head and not with intricate and complicated set-ups. This modus operandi befits Afterlife, a huge proponent to this sort of approach. Heading to this discography, expect the tracks narrating on bare minimum schematics with a greater emphasis on sweeping and atmospheric ensemble.

Afterlife · Tone Depth feat. Groj – Walls