Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has just dropped a heaving new house tune

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ (T-E-E-D) releases have been few and far between lately, his last release in June Leave A Light On being his first in four years. But he’s back, with two tunes in a few months it seems like a pretty good indicator that there’s plenty more to come from T-E-E-D.

His new one Body Move is a club ready thumper, filled with big beats mixed in with some industrial sounds to give it a bit of a rounded feel before breaking down into something more melodic. This track almost feels like a mix of three different, but not in a way that makes it uncomfortable or lacking direction and fluency.

In saying that, we’ve come to have pretty high expectations from the guy and aren’t one hundred per cent sure if this meets those expectations. Check it out below and make the decisions for yourself, is this what you wanted from ol’ pal T-E-E-D?