Tour Detroit in isolation in Squarepusher’s latest visual feature [Watch]

Following the release of his tranquil Lamental EP, Squarepusher is back with his first visualizer from the project. Directed by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman, “Detroit People Mover’s” video focuses on the current desolation and isolation of a train ride through downtown Detroit. The video is meant to be a companion and antithesis to Squarepusher’s last visualizer for “Terminal Slam,” which harnessed the energy of hectic city streets.

“I like the way both of these videos articulate salient points about our urban environments – in ‘Terminal Slam’ about the prevalence of advertising and possibilities for its subversion, and here regarding our zombie cities that despite the lack of everyday human contact continue marchng on. The track itself is part of a series begun in 1993 inspired by the music of Detroit.”


“Detroit People Mover” feature’s on Squarepusher’s 2020 album, Be Up A Hello, in addition to his latest project. Watch the latest video below. and check out his companion video here.

Featured Image: Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman