TWIIG – Thought Of Losing Her

• Unexpected break after their hiatus
• An approach to the deep and melodic
• Addressable shortcomings to potentially a great start

If you’re one of those readers who voraciously engaged with EDM in the past decade, then your eyes must sure be here. And why wouldn’t it be, we are talking about a name most familiar to the older fans, especially who couldn’t stop head-nodding to aggressively loud (often having crunched dynamics with audio clipping; sigh, those days eh!) Big Room productions. TWIIG, the once upcoming frontiersmen of Mainstage Music (now Rave Culture) have marked a return to the scene after long inactivity. Their latest track release is titled “Thought Of Losing Her”, which has been out on Controversia, the sub-imprint from the reputed figure in House scene, Alok (under Spinnin’ Records).

The Croatian pair have a remarkable track record, obvious enough if you only peruse it for two minutes. Ranging their lengthy support list from the likes of megaliths like Hardwell, W&W and Armin van Buuren, the alias become a welcomed commonality in the festival scene. Brandishing vicious hits like “Tarantella” and “Jumpstarter”, they became nigh permanent residents of the flourishing Mainstage Music. As 2017 would dawn however, their discography had new records added at a trickling rate, almost one per year. Yet opportunity hit them again when American hotshot Steve Aoki collaborated on “Hoovela”, which somewhat went viral along with a decent synergy with Bassjackers named “Memento”. Their branch of specialization remained in a genre whose popularity slowly declined, and with the re-branding of aforementioned Armada label slightly explained their pause. Last year, the two went incognito with after publishing a bootleg of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite”, that witnessed the first variance in their usual approach, by being Tech House.

This phenomena happens again with the bespoke composition and our subject for today’s article. Before listening, the thought of this being another mindless Slap House instrumental occurred, but to my relief it turned out something better. Gathering inspiration from Progressive and Melodic Techno (leaning more towards Deeper and shorter arrangements here), “Thought Of Losing Her” begins with subtle arpeggiations and a fine male vocal performance. It builds-up gradually without rushing, emanating a sort of CamelPhat-esque signature.

Picking up more pace with entrance of the drop, a muted lead joins the pack, inserting a somber mood to the entire palette. And with that came a concerning pet peeve: this synth riff somehow feels disjointed with the ongoing groove, presenting an weird syncopation. It takes time to get used to, as it plays out without much effects on it (sounding dead centre/mono without much room) and performing a slightly contrasting series of notes. This could be a subjective take of mine, as this section functions alright apart from that.

“Thought Of Losing Her” may have hit some snags in my opinion, with lesser atmospheric emphasis and repetitive structuring, but it does serve as a good starter as an unexpected hiatus breaker. If improved upon, TWIIG could venture farther and deeper into the melodic depths and earn a distinguished recognition they deserve. Whether they visit their roots or stay on this path remains an unanswered question, until then, this is a fine work nonetheless!

You can listen to “Thought Of Losing Her” here:

Spinnin’ Records · TWIIG – Thought Of Losing Her [OUT NOW]