twocolors – Lovefool (Nicky Romero Remix)

• Generic Slap or generic Progressive House?
• Predictable and mundane
• Better production in the original track

Having become a recent favorite of many online curators and radio jockeys, it is safe to say “Lovefool” is a successful hit by Berlin based act twocolors, and I am going to review the festival rendition done by Nicky Romero. Despite the efforts there are multiple reasons as to why this remix has scored lesser than eighty or such, and keeping a neutral view, here are the reasons.

I picked this remix especially because the original has a lot of potential for different and interesting versions, and I was genuinely curious to hear Romero’s touch on the composition. And after three minutes and thirty one seconds, the caveats in this track had me bored and at a state of displeasure.

Considering “Lovefool” has a textbook Brazilian Bass arrangements, but with a splendid enough vocal and a catchy melody that kept my attention. Sampled initially from the Swedish pop-ensemble The Cardigan’s hit , it is quite contrary of me to appreciate this commercial take, but nonetheless I was eagerly waiting to hear a stronger remix to arrive. Nicky Romero has the skill-set and experience of turning “Lovefool” into gold, but he missed it by a big mark.

With the subtle vocal performance accompanied by the emotional hook, not to forget the passionate aura lingering in the instrumental, all we got is a standard and overused Progressive lead synths paired with even weaker than usual bassline combination (perhaps because of Timmo Hendrik’s absence?). Least to say, the outcome is a hackneyed, passive and monotonous production.

It is not like the Dutch icon has experimented with Progressive as much in recent year, as most of the heavyweights aren’t willing to cross their comfort zones, nevertheless my hopes were squashed with this remix. I simply feel it is an easily forgettable work that has been made for the sake of revenues, and hence explains why it is bereft of the energy one could anticipate.

From a positive standpoint, at least it is not Slap House, just another attempt at putting  together a conventional Progressive House. Interestingly, I have started to observe an emergence of a experimental nature in this so-called “generic bandwagons”.

Concluding, “Lovefool” turned out more enjoyable in its actual format, albeit its commonplace blueprints. I recommend anyone to listen to it first, then to the remix, and make a self-judgement on which version is more suitable to them.

You can listen to “Lovefool (Nicky Romero Remix)” here:

twocolors · Lovefool (Nicky Romero Remix)