Types of Electronic Dance Music Radio

If you love the rhythms and beats of traditional DJ dance music, then listen to the variety of electronic dance music on the radio. If you’ve always been a fan but thought there was little variety, think again. Radio today has evolved so much that you can now hear everything from DubTurbo beats to breakcore and techno on dance radio stations across the world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the types of electronic dance music that is available for your listening pleasure:

DubTurbo. DubTurbo is a turbocharged version of classic breakbeat music from the early 1990s. Originally developed in the Netherlands, DubTurbo is known for its high-octave sound that is hard to reproduce, thanks to its unique compression algorithm. DubTurbo is still going strong today, with artists like Skrillex, Diplo, and Axwell Dante featuring the music in popular club nights and festivals. You can find a high quality version of DubTurbo online at DubTurbo Revolution.

Breakcore. Breakcore is an evolving form of electronic dance music that is still as popular today as it was twenty years ago. Artists like Armani, Dirty Cash, and Kodee are leading the way with exciting new sounds and styles. The most recognizable breakcore songs are the ones that feature the “ylon filter,” which is used to alter the normal stereo frequency response. Other popular breakcore artists include producers such as DJ Craze, Carl Cox, and Matt Corrente.

Techno. Techno dance music is all about incorporating complex audio elements into dance music to create new and interesting sounds. Many top DJs have their own sound systems, featuring everything from keyboards to effects to special effect units that allow them to add more than just the usual three turntables, a mic, and a mixer. Artists like Diplo and Armani have gone on to feature sound units in their live shows. Other manufacturers have also launched lines of equipment dedicated to creating complex tracks suitable for dance clubs.

Classic. If you’re looking for a radio that features classic or nostalgic tunes, look to the traditional genre of electronic dance music. Artists like the Lenny Kravitz and Stevie Wonder have made taking into consideration the influence of the past so popular. Other classic electronic dance music radio stars include the P Diddy and Babyface Krewella, who have redefined many of the standards when it comes to electronic dance music.

New Age. New Age radio stations often showcase new age artists who have emerged during the past few decades. Artists like the Black Eyed Peas, the Roots, and others have gained some popularity by eschewing the usual instruments and complex vocals associated with mainstream music. Others have been able to build their reputations on local radio stations by sticking to music that is dance related but has a wider audience than mainstream radio.

Club. Dance clubs are among the most popular places to listen to electronic dance music. Whether you are at home dancing to the latest track on your MP3 player or having fun at an electronic dance bar, chances are that you will hear a song that you like. These radio stations often have sections dedicated to DJing and they can usually provide you with the track names and even the words to the songs.

Electronic dance music radio stations can be found through several different websites. Many of these websites are independent, so you may need to pay a subscription fee in order to hear your favorite songs. Most electronic music radio stations offer a free daily music radio show as well as background noise and advertisements. The types of websites you can find electronic dance music radio on include blogs, social networking sites, radio stations, and podcast websites.