Understanding the Rise of Dark Electronic Dance Music

If you are looking for dark and heavy alternative electronic music then the UK’s leading electronic music collective Bonesoup is a label you should be listening to. Formed in 1996, Bonesoup have been hard at work sculpting their unique sound in order to keep the listener’s attention. Although they began as a hardcore techno based outfit, their sound has evolved and taken on many shapes and forms. This evolution has led them to become one of the most sought after electronic music bands from the underground.

With such a deep musical pedigree of the band are continuously writing new material and working on new material. It is apparent in their demo tapes and album tracks that they have a strong following of die-hard fans that continue to play an integral role in their musical identity and popularity. The popularity of Bonesoup is reflected in the numerous radio shows they have featured and still do to this day. Although some may shy away from listening to such dark alternative electronic music bands, it is hard to deny the unique sounds and style that they have created.

For an outsider looking in to the world of Electro-Acoustic Music there are few bands that have the longevity and success of Bonesoup. Such a lengthy presence of popularity only proves the levels of quality that such bands are capable of producing. With an impressive list of singles to their name, they have continually worked to gain and maintain such a high level of popularity. Now, as they approach the end of their second decade as a techno and electro industrial band, there seems to be a clear demand and desire amongst fans to see them move into a full-fledged recording contract with a well established record label.

For their fans this means the start of a period in which they can expect to see some major changes in the future. Although such changes are inevitable, with the amount of hard work and dedication that these music artists have shown over the years, it is encouraging to see that there is still so much untapped potential within the world of electronic dance music groups. This is especially true with the most recent album ‘Electronic Ambiance’, which has received positive response from both fans and industry professionals alike. The main theme of the album was to draw inspiration from the likes of Boards of Caelia and Boards of Trust, two of the most popular and respected industrial music artists of past decades.

Such influences were essential to the formation of such a unique and exciting sound. Bonesoup’s contribution to the world of electro-acoustic music artists cannot be overlooked. Their mix of keyboards and synthesised sounds were highly innovative and had an undeniable appeal to many music lovers. Such innovative sounds were only going to get further from such talented individuals.

The next step for such promising bands would be to establish themselves as leaders in the field of electronic dance music groups. Part of this was to draw upon the resources of UK Record Labels and develop their careers accordingly. By putting out albums with consistent quality, many people began to appreciate what these artists were doing. Slowly but surely, EDM gradually became recognised as an integral part of music culture. As such many aspiring artists began to take notice. With the rise of such talented individuals came the need to establish proper representation and marketing for the new musical styles.

In order to achieve success in the field of electronic music, the artists involved needed to effectively market themselves. Promoting electronic music online was, at that time, one of the most effective methods of promotion and marketing. The use of social media websites such as Facebook and MySpace made this task much easier and quicker. Promoting EDM via these avenues gave the artists a wider audience to reach and allowed for massive exposure of their music and their label in an international arena.

These days, there is little evidence that such success would have been possible without the establishment of a credible and reputable EDM agency. Such agencies represent artists from worldwide and have a proven track record in developing new talent. By bringing the best and brightest in the business under one roof, such agencies have transformed many careers. Therefore, if you wish to pursue a career in dark electronic dance music or any other creative field, the chances are that you will not find it easy, but will definitely have a bright future ahead.