Unwrinkle your life with Madeon’s inaugural Ironing Board Session [Watch]

With much of the world stuck at home in self-isolation during the spread of COVID-19, many artists have jumped on streaming platforms to tide fans over until festival season can actually begin. The latest of these is Madeon, who took to the airwaves on March 22 to stream his inaugural “Ironing Board Session” on YouTube and Instagram.

On the livestream, the producer spends the first 10 or so minutes checking sound levels, drinking coffee from a cactus mug, and conversing with a cat outside, who is “staring at me with a lot of expectation” and “is not enjoying this stream.”

When his set begins, Madeon kicks off with Tony Romera‘s remix of “Miracle,” blending it seamlessly into his own beloved original, “The City.” The spunky set sees the producer transition from Oliver to Virtual Self to REZZ to BROCKHAMPTON and many more before wrapping up with The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life.”

Stream the hour-long mix below. The music begins at 10:45 and goes to 46:25, when Madeon ends with a brief Q&A.