UZ Debuts ‘Trinity’ (Deluxe Edition) via Quality Goods

Almost exactly a year following his late 2020 Trinity LP release, French DJ and producer UZ returns to the release trenches with a deluxe, remix-packed mix version of the groundbreaking album. The Trinity (Deluxe Edition) mix LP includes a stunning blend of the original Trinity LP tracklisting, two new original tracks, and eleven exclusive remixes from the likes of prestigious talent in the bass and trap sphere, including Bailo, Basstrick, Great Dane, LYNY, sebjin, HWLS, and more. Leading up to the full release, the Quality Goods head honcho unveiled two brand-new original productions, “Focus,” and “Future,” as a taste of what the Trinity (Deluxe Edition) has in store. In tandem with both releases, the Parisian trap stalwart coordinated a visual NFT drop in collaboration with illustrator and graphic designer Cat Owens. The Trinity (Deluxe Edition) LP is out now via his own Quality Goods Records.

Aiming to create a sonic experience like no other, UZ decided to blend all original Trinity tracks, their 11 remixed counterparts, and 2 original new productions into a thrilling 29-track continuous mix. Clocking in at an hour and thirteen minutes, the Trinity (Deluxe Edition) tracklist features 11 explosive remixes from some of the most exciting names in trap and bass: anti., Bailo, Basstrick, bd hbt, chromonicci, Dilip, Great Dane, HWLS, LYNY, sebjin, Shöckface and yojas. UZ confidently cherry-picked every remixer knowing they would help take all original productions into a new sonic dimension. The project boasts noteworthy names like Bailo, Basstrick, and Great Dane, as well as fresh, new faces in the scene, including Audius remix contest winner Shockfäce. Out of over 100 submissions, the mysterious producer blew UZ away with his take on “Fire ft. SoloSam” and landed an official slot in the Trinity (Deluxe Edition) tracklist.

Stream Trinity (Deluxe Edition) on Spotify.