V O E Wins Track And Build 2.0 with “Giants”

The Australian duo V O E wins the Jägermeister, Koven, and LabelRadar Track And Build 2.0 competition with their single “Giants.” In addition to winning the contest, the duo’s song will appear on the video game Wreck Out.

“Giants” rightfully earns its spot as a winning track as the song ventures into mind-blowing territory with heavy electric guitars and passionate vocals. The song’s drop brews a dark, hurricane drum and bass drop that orchestrates listeners into a frenzy with its roaring synths and smashing drums.

Comments on “Giants” from V O E

I was feeling inspired when I started, but all my ideas just weren’t working. I was feeling that frustration and writer’s block and I went back to basics, which for me is just a piano and just trying to sing. That’s my favourite way to come up with ideas, and that’s where “Giants” came to life.

The whole story of “Giants” is based on the emotions I was feeling at the time, which was my drive for music and for us as artists trying to reach the top, reach out goals. That’s where the first lyric, “Where am I going, I’m falling over dreams,” came from. It was how I was feeling at the time but it slowly turned around and it’s like, I know what I’m doing, I know what I want to be, I’m climbing these vines to the giants – the artists that we idolise and the labels as well. Working towards NCS is absolutely huge.

Tom Calvett of V O E

How “Giants” turned heads

We hear a lot of music especially within the remit of Track and Build, this year we had over 650 submissions – that’s a lot to get through. It takes something special for records stick out of the pack these days and that’s definitely what happened with V O E. Production as a whole has gone up across the board in the past few years but even within the initial 20 second preview we get via Label Radar, we knew that there was more to these guys.

Judge James Foster of Track And Build 2.0

Download or stream the song “Giants” via No Copyright Sounds.