Vanic and Bryce Fox join forces to release “Sick Of It”

2020 has been a terrible year for most people, from Covid to politics, “Sick of It” expresses everyone’s frustrations. As such, the current climate gifted the pair with everything they needed to make this song. Vanic and Bryce Fox hope the angst and desperation of this song helps those who have emotionally bottled 2020 up. 

For Jesse Hughes, better known to millions of electronic music fans around the world as Vanic, the refusal to stick to the rules should have been easy to spot. Trained to play piano from the age of just 3, Vanic pushed back against the restraints of classical music. As such, he chose to explore the patterns of jazz and ragtime, while listening to metal and happy hardcore.

Bryce Fox – A brief bio

Bryce Fox is an Indiana-born, Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer. His soulful and funky blend of bluesy modern rock and slick electro-pop invokes names like Walk the Moon, the Neighbourhood, and X Ambassadors. He was raised on a diverse diet of musical genres, from punk and country to classic rock and hip-hop. His music has amassed hundreds or millions of streams and has appeared in numerous tv shows and films.

Vanic’s overview

In every artist’s career there are moments of pause and reflection. Over the past year, Vanic pressed the reset button on his creative and emotional process. Doing this brought himself back to his roots. 

A year later, Vanic is ready to reemerge. In his hands, a debut artist album that he says is “a little bit of the past and a lot of the future”. The new body of work sees him return to his musical roots while also exploring new territories like house, DnB and bass. For the supporters of Vanic who have been there since the beginning, this next chapter will be just as explosive.

Stream “Sick Of It” here: