Vintage Culture Drops Stunning Remix of ARTBAT’s ‘Coming Home’

Vintage Culture released a stunning remix of ARTBAT‘s track ‘Coming Home‘ featuring John Martin. His remix combines ARTBAT’s techno sound with Vintage Culture’s signature grooves and playful synths, giving it a fresh and energetic twist.

The original track has been praised for its emotive vibe, as well as its catchy hooks and beautiful melody. Vintage Culture’s unique production skills are on full display in the remix, which is sure to become a dance-floor staple.

Additionally, this remix follows a string of successful releases by Vintage Culture, who is making waves worldwide. With the Brazilian powerhouse DJ’s latest remix of ‘Coming Home’, Vintage Culture has once again proven that he is one of EDM’s most talented and innovative artists today.

Fans can expect to hear Vintage Culture’s latest remix at clubs and festivals all over. Stay tuned to see if the talented artist will play at a venue near you, and remember to listen to the remix below.

Photo via Facebook: Vintage Culture