VNDL Releases New Single ‘Mountains’ on TBD

This week, Indian-American producer and songwriter, VNDL, released his new single ‘Mountains’ on Austin Kramer‘s TBD label in collaboration with Blanco y Negro. Through ‘Mountains’, VNDL shares personal experiences with anxiety and offers inspiration to listeners who may be feeling similarly. The song encourages listeners to lean on Jesus, trusting in God for strength and guidance in the midst of challenges.

With its stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Mountains’ is a must-hear for anyone dealing with the challenges of anxiety. VNDL‘s airy but soulful voice and poignant songwriting make this track a standout in the dance music space, offering a message of hope and resilience to all those who have ears to listen.

Be sure to check out ‘Mountains’ for yourself, out now on all platforms!