Voster & Gallardo x Destin x Max Landry – Savior

• Positive message and atmosphere
• Emotional vocal performance by the veteran Max Landry
• Energetic melody with a classic Progressive House schema

Not only is negativity a bad thing, Voster and Gallardo used it to bring out this festival banger “Savior” on TurnItUp Muzik, with Destin. The song brings awareness of the impact surroundings can have on people’s future. Triggering consciousness to think about the fact that the future can be influenced and made in any way shape of form.

As the name suggests, “Savior” is about the power and ability a person has to make, change and create the life that’s desired. Leaving the opinions and judgements of other people behind by triggering a voice inside and taking responsibility to create abundance and happiness. The craft uses an emotional Progressive House structure, succeeding in this objective.

Voster & Gallardo · Voster & Gallardo X Destin Ft. Max Landry – Savior