Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, & NoBueno Put The Best….


Vulture Theory joins forces with HAWD HITTA and NoBueno on their latest house collaboration, “SYNTHETIC SANDS,” released under SEARCHPRTY RECORDS. 

Vulture Theory, aka Dustin DePalama-Shields, initiated the idea and enlisted HAWD HITTA, who quickly added a captivating half-time introduction and brought NoBueno into the mix. The trio seamlessly fused their talents, building the track with precision and creating an ideal setup for an exhilarating second drop. A team effort between Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno, “SYNTHETIC SANDS” is poised to become this year’s festival anthem, and likely many more to come.

Notably, this is HAWD HITTA’s first release since his chart success on the iTunes House USA Chart, where he reached #33 alongside NoBueno. After a cross-country tour last fall, HAWD HITTA returns with a string of shows and an eagerly anticipated tour. The collaboration with Vulture Theory and NoBueno was born out of fruitful March sessions and is now being unveiled under SEARCHPRTY RECORDS, a fresh Los Angeles-based label.

Vulture Theory’s dynamic artistry is showcased in this release, as well as in his previous label releases, positioning him as an artist to watch closely. His relentless work ethic has yielded a treasure trove of music that is ready for the spotlight. Vulture Theory reflects on his current trajectory, stating, “It’s all starting to click with the tracks I have coming out, and I haven’t felt this good about releasing music in a long time.”

The live performance of “SYNTHETIC SANDS” by the three artists is scheduled for June 17th, 2023. The concert, headlined by Borgeous and presented by Insomniac Events, will take place at Academy LA. To secure tickets for this event, fans can visit the provided link. As Vulture Theory continues to captivate audiences and gain recognition, his fanbase continues to grow, attracting music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno contribute their distinctive talents and diverse backgrounds to this collaboration. Vulture Theory, a Los Angeles-based underground house artist, artfully combines tech house and experimental elements, resulting in an enchanting auditory journey. HAWD HITTA, a visionary of creativity, draws inspiration from electronic music icons and has graced prestigious stages alongside acclaimed artists throughout the nation. NoBueno, an innovative DJ, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, merges genres spanning electronic dance music, hip-hop, and R&B, crafting a vibe that’s all his own.

Their collaboration goes beyond the music as Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno have launched their own record label, SEARCHPRTY RECORDS, signaling a promising future. Infused with an unwavering passion for their artistry and an uncanny ability to craft indelible musical moments, this trio stands poised to forge an enduring imprint upon the fabric of the music industry.

Collaboration is a key element in “Synthetic Sands.” How did the creative synergy between the three of you shape the direction of the track and push the boundaries of your individual styles?

Vulture Theory: We all love to express ourselves within the arrangement and the production, and even over a track’s final stages of it’s mixdown before the engineering process completes. In the song we just released, we plan to perform it out and have DJ’s perform it all over. The second drop is contagious.

“Synthetic Sands” stands out as a fusion of tech house and experimental elements. When did each of you get interested in the genre of house?

HAWD HITTA: I would say we’ve all been into it since the 2000’s. I mean we all love this type of music and making it is fun but producing came later for myself. We each grew very interested at different stages, but as of the last year or so I’ve seen tech house become something I wanted to dive more into producing.

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in electronic music?

NoBueno: We spend time in the studio more so than seeing what’s trending, as we prefer to stay true to our craft, but we also know that our stuff is in line with what’s being put out, we just know that our stuff is authentic as well.

As artists with different backgrounds, how do you find a balance between maintaining your individual artistic identities and creating a cohesive sound that represents the collective vision of Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, and NoBueno?

Vulture Theory: We all have our boundaries and we all felt like we could allow the creativity to shine through for each of us involved. With most people finding it hard to collaborate, we find it very easy to communicate with each other about what we like and don’t like about our additions we make when we share stems.

How is your mental health like at the moment, is that something hard to keep balanced?

HAWD HITTA: It’s very important to stay up to date on your health as it is for your music. I feel like there are ways we can all go on a run or lift weights or engage in some form of exercise, yet forget to eat properly. It’s having that balance that can ultimately bring about your best in the music. I think it’s something that I am working on continuously because I’m not perfect with keeping a healthy balance at all times.