Wampa – Franklin

Wampa - Franklin

78%Overall Score

• Vocal samples from Aretha Franklin
• A show of old and new sounds clashing gracefully
• Delicate attitude unusual to Tech House

I don’t know if it’s just me, but Wampa‘s production style is soo classy! The new project has already impressed us at EDM Reviewer with “Sweet Feeling”, and now it’s time for “Franklin”, which samples the global starlet Aretha Franklin, veritably known for her everlasting impact in RnB/Soul.

As expected, the schematic is powered on a mix of Tech and Jackin’ House, which doesn’t embellish the percussions but rather assists the listener in this retro homage. It’s delicate, with vocal samples placed wisely, creating a sense of funkiness that instantly gets me going.

Wampa’s style holds onto this curious approach of perfectly alloying a modern Tech House style with sounds of several decades back… A connubial between old and new with superlative attention to finer details. For instance, focus on the lead and you will find it clashes elegantly with the techy low-end, yet at the same time comfortably suiting with the other components.

Like a bittersweet dish that is addictive, “Franklin” is a relishing and stimulating tribute to a riveting icon that our times, and listeners of all ages, can appreciate.

You can listen to “Franklin” here:

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