Wasback – TiK ToK (feat. Ella Young)

• Another useless, generic Slap House rework
• Loud kick, usual bassline
• Nothing valuable added to the pop hit

The grand winner of this time’s bash is Wasback, with orthodox and untimed Slap House release; trust me, “Tik Tok” has ticked all the boxes in my checklist.

– Cover of a famous pop song? ✅
– Nothing productive added except for a basic Slap House low-end? ✅
– Leaving the signature style for jumping on the bandwagon? ✅
– No good, Spotify-friendly release? ✅

Bonus points are to be awarded for the noisy kick which overlaps the vocal during some moments, and for the flat performance from Ella Young, which capably reduces Kesha’s all-time hit to a monotonous mumbled loop, lost to the clattery bass-synths.

The recipe mentioned above is one for a disaster, a sign that the artist just desperately wanted to cash-in on easy streams with an overused and badly executed idea that at least could have been decently presented.

More and more of these Slap House remixes are flooding the scene and excel at incompetency, almost derogatory to the originals copied from. This trend has become lethargic than expected, and the only “new” (well, it’s always the same) element is the bouncing bassline; an annoyance lately. Reworks are fine, as long the producer involved adds value to the outcome. Here, it’s just a trendy downgrade to grab streaming statistics. Not worth the time.

You can listen to “Tik Tok” here: