Watch Hot Since 82 play a freezing cold beach set!

Deep house conductor Hot Since 82 has delivered a ‘Pier Pressure’ DJ set on a chilly 4-degree day on the gloomy beachside of Hartlepool beach in the UK.

While the setting paints a melancholy picture, Hot Since 82 claims the DJ set is ‘Melodic vibes in a cinematic space’ and delivers just that with rolling and rhythmic house cuts over and hour and a half.

The unique setting comes after another equally bizarre set with the UK producer playing in a hot air balloon. Why? The release of a new album of course!

The new album ‘Recovery’ is jam-packed with features with Boy George, Jamie Jones, Rudimental and Miss Kitten who all lend their own special talents to various tracks.

What do now? Hit play and kick back!