Watch Justice’s ‘IRIS: Space Opera’ performance online before it gets pulled

One keen fan of French electro royalty Justice has done gods work by uploading the entirety of one of their ‘IRIS: Space Opera’ performances online and geez it is special.

While there have been drips of the flick that have surfaced online including a stack of trailers and a BTS edit, this is the first time you can watch a legit live version of it in full since its release to cinemas only in 2019.

The original concept for the film was simple, a stunning capture of their live performance in an empty space without an audience to not distract away from the raw power of a Justice live set.

The video uploaded to Youtube captures all that and more with an actual audience and to be honest, we prefer having a heaving crowd in place. The performance is captured at AccorHotels Arena in Paris so you could say there was a home team advantage at play for sure!

Those in the mood for a little Justice can dive in below or check out their recent kerfuffle with Justin Beiber here.