[Watch] ODESZA delves into inner-workings of Coachella 2018 performance

ODESZA is joined by their creative directors, Luke Tanaka and Sean Kusanagi, in a mini-documentary that puts their 2018 Coachella pre-production under the microscope. In the video the team endeavored to convey visually the intricate narrative inherent in ODESZA’s latest album, A Moment Apart. In line with the astral sonic quality of the album, Tanaka says he set out designing the visuals for the performance so that “each song is kind of like its own world or planet that you’re landing on.”

While the ODESZA boys admitted they had a “mini panic attack” after securing the highly-coveted spot due to the gravity and sheer size of the Coachella stage setup, they maintained their faith in their creative directors. Kusanagi, specifically, emphasizes the importance of trust and meticulousness in executing a stellar performance.

“Trust is all in the details and making sure everything is coordinated perfectly down to the microsecond of when a light turns on and a drummer is in his position,” Kusangi says. “All those things, when you add them together, hopefully you’ll see the bigger picture.”