[WATCH] Worlds Collide as Anyma x Eric Prydz Captivates the Crowd at Coachella

The most highly anticipated set of Coachella 2024 went down yesterday at the Quasar Stage and it was one for the books. Eric Prydz played b2b with Anyma for several hours. Perhaps the coolest nugget in this set was the dual screens which hosted Eric Prydz HOLO visuals on one side with Anyma humanoids on the other. The set featured the two going track for track, and you can peep the tracklist here.

The big moments came after the sun had set and the visuals came out in full force. The duo premiered a fresh collaborative mashup of Anyma’s Eternity with Eric’s Proper Education. Then, after a slightly awkward transition, OPUS came through with the ‘Simulation’ vocal and showed the two signature visual styles as if they were battling each other. Then, to close things out, the pair debuted a collaborative remix of the classic, ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’.

From the beginning of the set with the gorgeous golden skies, to the nightfall visual treat of the two visual packages going at it, this set was one for the ages. We’re sure we will be seeing it again in 2024 or 2025. Since Coachella is relentless with their Facebook copyright takedowns, we can’t post the clips on Facebook. However, we have the replay stream from YouTube below, featuring the final 30 minutes of the set.

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