Wellness 4 Humanity Launches “Spread Love Not COVID” Tour

The “Spread Love Not Covid” (SLNC) Tour is a groundbreaking live music tour of the U.S. specifically designed with AI-driven, cutting-edge biotechnology tailored for the live event sector.

Urgent. Revolutionary. Lifesaving. Wellness 4 Humanity (W4Humanity.com) is using biotechnology and life science in a paradigm shift to help propel humanity forward in our post-COVID-19 world. With the launch of the first “Spread Love Not Covid” (SLNC) U.S. Tour, Wellness 4 Humanity is making it possible for mass social gatherings to resume in a medically safe and efficient way. The Spread Love Not Covid Tour is the first and only electronic dance music (EDM) tour5 to utilize F.D.A. E.U.A.-certified biotechnology and the TRUSTPASS™ system to facilitate the seamless operation of mass live entertainment events. The management team at W4Humanity has over 50 years’ combined experience producing live music events and they were actively working in the entertainment industry prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is simply no replacement for the shared communal experience.

Simply put, there’s simply no replacement for the shared communal experience the live entertainment space has to offer. The temporary halt of mass gatherings has been most acutely experienced by those who work and play in the live entertainment sector. In the U.S. alone, the live entertainment, hospitality and restaurant sectors have an outsize impact on the overall economy and it’s these same sectors that have been disproportionately affected by the widespread cancellations due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the hugely popular music genre of EDM (electronic dance music) alone, the impact is being felt by workers and consumers of outdoor music festivals (i.e. Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival. Miami Music Week, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo and countless others); nightclubs and bars; hotels, convention centers and casinos; catering halls and other venues that normally host special events. Ask any typical young person what he or she misses the most and chances are that the response will include an allusion to outdoor music festivals or EDM nightclub events that he or she had planned on attending this summer (but which were suddenly canceled).

Humans are social creatures. The shared communal experience, centered around music & entertainment, is woven into our DNA.

What if you could open an app on your smartphone with a code that would not only act as your entry into your favorite nightclub or music festival, but also be your insurance that, once inside, every person in attendance would also be COVID-19-negative?

W4Humanity makes it not only possible, but essential to the livelihoods of promoters and businesses that depend on safe mass-gatherings. Socially distanced drive-ins simply don’t cut it with music fans. Isolated partying in one’s parked vehicle, yards away from the nearest festivalgoer, is a lame facsimile of the authentic festival experience music-lovers so desperately crave. There’s no internet livestream that could ever replace the experience of an actual, in-person gathering.

How the process works.

Because not everyone will take a COVID-19 vaccine even after vaccines become widely available, W4Humanity makes it easy and financially profitable for live entertainment organizers to open back up with W4Humanity’s patented TRUSTPASS™ system of rapid onsite testing.

The Spread Love Not Covid Tour aims to bring the first system of fully scalable, rapid onsite COVID-19 testing directly to the hospitality and live entertainment sector by implementing a system of surveillance testing known as TRUSTPASS™. The TRUSTPASS™ system encompasses a seamless four-step process that includes:

Trust Pass
  • Step 1: At-home. An RT-PCR test kit (molecular RNA test, highly sensitive, requires laboratory facilities) is shipped to the consumer 72-hours prior to the event. Once the consumer clears the test and receives a “negative” test result, those results are automatically logged into the Wellness 4 Humanity patient portal. The TRUSTPASS™ app is then downloaded by the consumer on his/her smartphone to access one’s health credentials.
  • Step 2: Day-of-show. When the consumer arrives at the venue, s/he is greeted by the Thermodeck, a contactless, AI-powered device that checks the consumer’s temperature and other vital signs. Next, the consumer proceeds to walk through the Safe Entry Station, a sleek, white, AI-powered entryway that scans the consumer for trace amounts of viral shedding (with an 85% accuracy rate).
  • Step 3: Onward to the Antigen Testing booth. The onsite antigen test is minimally invasive and consists of a painless mid-nasal antigen with results available in 15-minutes. This antigen test has a 97.4% accuracy rate, and it screens for active viral load. This particular antigen test is proprietary to W4Humanity and it does not require laboratory processing.
  • Step 4: Success! Once the consumer clears the antigen test, s/he will receive a unique TRUSTPASS™ QR code in the TRUSTPASS™ app. This unique one-time QR code serves as the consumer’s ticket-for-entry into the event premises. Verified COVID-19-free attendees will be inside the secure “bubble” of the venue. This process will allow each ticketholder to enjoy his/herself with freedom from worry during the course of the event. The W4Humanity system will not only make festival and nightclub/bar-goers feel comfortable, it will double as a resource for government and health organizations, as W4Humanity reports all of its HIPAA-compliant data back to government authorities for critical assistance needed to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

About Wellness 4 Humanity

Wellness 4 Humanity

Wellness 4 Humanity’s client roster includes Fortune 100 entities in the travel and hospitality, retail and entertainment industries, among other sectors. Clients in the hospitality and media sectors include: the Marriott Marquis Houston and the Hilton Houston; Orangetheory Fitness; WAGA-TV, FOX-5 TV Atlanta; Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta; and “Magnum P.I.” in Los Angeles. Private clients for Wellness 4 Humanity’s white-glove concierge service for in-home/in-office testing include: David J. Long (CEO & Co-Founder of Orangetheory Fitness) and his family; the multi-Platinum singer/songwriter, producer and actor, Post Malone; Tony Hsieh (former CEO of Zappos), and others. W4Humanity is even assisting major chains – including Houston’s 25-door Legacy Clinics (https://www.legacycommunityhealth.org/) – process their employees’ COVID-19 tests. Other pharmacies regularly refer their customers to W4Humanity because of its ability to process tests faster than other established laboratories like Quest Diagnostics. Private companies, including large attorneys’ offices, are calling on W4Humanity at an ever-increasing rate to test their employees and clients. Fixed walk-in locations for W4Humanity can be found at Simon Centers shopping malls and other locations throughout Colorado, Utah, Georgia, California, Florida, Texas (at The Galleria Houston) and Hawai’i, with more states constantly being added. What sets W4Humanity apart from established laboratories is that W4Humanity has a highly skilled network of medical professionals ready-to-deploy throughout the U.S. to any event or gathering where requested. All W4Humanity staff members meet rigorous medical certification and are at minimum licensed health technicians (i.e. phlebotomists, etc.) reporting to the company’s National Laboratory Director and State Medical Directors. To date, W4Humanity is the only privately-owned and operated, F.D.A. E.U.A.-certified company equipped to manufacture, market and deploy its proprietary PCR tests around the U.S. and world.

Wellness4 Humanity allows businesses that rely on mass-gatherings to re-open and operate safely. The company is using this tour as a showcase for health, safety and innovation where people gather. The TRUSTPASS™ system will allow social gatherings in permanent venues (i.e. nightclubs, catering halls, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls, bars/lounges, restaurants, etc.) as well as temporary venues (i.e. open-air music festivals, culinary festivals, film festivals, sporting events, etc.) to flourish once again.