Whipped Cream Goes Darker Than Ever with New Track "Drag Me"

Have you ever gotten stuck in something you’re so passionate about that you don’t even care that it’s unhealthy for you? That’s what “Drag Me” means to Whipped Cream, as she writes from her darkest yet most enlightened perspective yet.

With this jolting release the Vancouver/LA-based producer introduces the first what’s to come with a new storytelling-focused genre, which in her words is called “UR EXPERIENCE.” It’s all about the listener’s unique encounter with the music and is totally up for interpretation.

Whipped Cream describes “Drag Me” as “a cry for help,” but you might hear it differently.

To me, “Drag Me” is venomous and unrelenting, but there’s a vulnerability to be heard. The track gives me the emotion lashing out at someone — maybe even the person trying to help as I spiral out control. Ster moments hopeful peace counter the harsh, repetitive nature the “drop,” both which I find comfort in.

So what does “Drag Me” mean to you?

Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but — I hope — into a better shape. -Charles Dickens


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