“‘Wildfire’ Reimagined: Ekko & Sidetrack….


After a year of anticipation, the hit single “Wildfire” by SACHI has been transformed by the Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack, elevating it to new heights. The heart of the song’s appeal lies in its compelling chorus, which Ekko & Sidetrack have enhanced with a refined drum and bass arrangement, creating an even more satisfying listening experience and giving the track a fresh, exhilarating feel.

Ekko & Sidetrack, comprising Jeff & Jonathan Hansen, have seen their popularity soar, amassing millions of streams and consistently attracting over 250,000 monthly listeners. Their success stems from their unique sound, which combines meaningful, often uplifting vocals with distinctive instrumental arrangements, leading to rapid and continuous growth in their careers.

The duo’s achievements include releases on labels such as Viper Recordings, Circus Records, and others, and they are now gearing up for a packed schedule that includes a full European summer festival tour and a forthcoming US tour in the fall.

Their 2023 debut album, “Nostalgic for Reality,” released through Viper Recordings, represents a significant milestone, showcasing their dynamic and emotional drum & bass style. Ekko & Sidetrack have earned respect and admiration within the industry, sharing stages with giants and securing endorsements from notable figures. Their influence extends beyond the music scene, with their tracks featuring in popular media like the Counterstrike video game, signaling their rising prominence.

As 2024 unfolds, Ekko & Sidetrack are poised for further success, with significant tour plans and a track record of compelling performances and releases. Their journey from Perth to international acclaim was made possible by their dedication and talent, marking them as leading figures in the electronic music world and generating keen interest in their future endeavors.