Wildstylez – Shake The Ground (ft. Noubya)

• Wildstylez’ sixth release on Art of Creation this year!
• Noubya’s well-endowed voice on display
• Tilts towards a calmer but focused attitude

There seems an abundance for uncontrollable fires this year, and Wildstylez has to be mentioned as the cause. The Dutch veteran is having an applause-worthy year ,with tracks deviating from generic lines and cliches (Hardstyle might not be my first preference, however I have a good idea). His unexpected “Stereo Love” remix was an undeniable floor-shaker, but there’s even more. The newest creation “Shake The Ground” along with the most talented vocalist Noubya has captured my thoughts, and my expectations surpassed.

When I hear the introduction, my instinct as a video gamer enthusiast triggers a “boss fight” feeling. The atmosphere is equivalent to epic and inspiring vibes (or simply work-out music present in Beast Mode playlist). Noubya’s presence is nothing short of spectacular, her voice is my new favourite next to Nevve. The first drop is a strong kick-starter but without being overwhelming. And as anticipated, the distorted and dirty synths lead with passion.

The vocal hits right in the spots, especially with “Can’t Bring Us Down”.. not going to lie but that struck a chord! Switching between a rude attitude to a heart-warming sound is incredibly done, and delivered more reasons to love.

A slight disappointment arrives with the second drop, but this is a subjective opinion. The aggressive mood could have been carried and progressed, with let’s say harder kick drum pattern. It could have nicely contrasted with the melody, but I suppose this cannot be considered a deal-breaking caveat here.

Surely, there are tons of Hardstyle devotees reading our review here, and I would be delighted to know your views about this one. Personally, it was refreshing for me considering this genre is not my main listening staple. Incredible composition with a beautiful vocal. Not to be missed, mind you!

You can listen to “Shake The Ground” here:

Wildstylez · Shake The Ground