Will Sparks – Annilihate

• A mix of Bounce, Hardstyle, and Techno
• Brutal kickdrum and bassline
• Minimalism, more than usual

Being a hardcore admirer of Will Sparks, I observed his evolution in recent years with much curiosity. From a pioneering figure in the niche genre such as Melbourne Bounce, the Australian alias has explored several worlds in the EDM sphere, from Techno (rebranding his label as CLUBWRK) to quick cameos on the flourishing Rave Culture, Musical Freedom (‘LSD” being my favorite), and Spinnin’ Records. Maintaining an industrious profile, his ventures have always a distinct Melbourne tone, and add to that some personality and unusual twists and turns on it.

Hardwell, proliferating Techno to the main stage with his comeback, has evidently influenced many among which included Will, who has taken a similar trajectory. This could explain his entree on Revealed with “Annihilate”. My anticipations were peaking, considering that I was ecstatic about Revealed’s founder mashing up between “Patience” and “Power” at his enthusiastic return to Tomorrowland.

“Annihilate” had my hopes high, something such as “Patience“: a moody, violent variety of gritty Bounce, Hardstyle, and Techno. And well, that’s technically the truth.

This instrumental doesn’t show any mercy for ears not accustomed to the relentlessness of the underground styles: a brutal, ground-shaking kick with an old-school vibe that is greatly reminiscent of the 2015’s minimal Big Room, but at the same time, a precise Techno presentation with its bassline. There’s no time for a break, with the focus on the kick and the continuous sequence and eerie leads in the construction phase, provoking discomfort even.

The first impression is excellent, this is the kind of futuristic Big Room one can expect to see from Will Sparks, in synergy with Revealed.

Yet after two, or three repeats, I grew weary of it, way more than usual. The fatigue came from the record’s sparer layout and a singular devotion to volatile kickdrums that become cumbersome if one is not favoring the concept.

My suggestion still goes out for this creative experiment, and I am intrigued to see if Will Sparks further sharpens this signature, or jump to another sound and label.

You can listen to “Will Sparks” here:

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