Will Sparks – Kids These Days

• New underground label, CLUBWRK
• Evolution of Will Sparks sound, beyond Melbourne Bounce
• Sampled from Ryan Riback’s hit

Alright, Will Sparks is back once again. This time, he started his new label, CLUBWRK Records, and introduced his new single, “Kids These Days“. This dark hard-techno sound was actually quite a huge surprise for me, I wasn’t expecting this evolution! In fact, the Australian producer is notably known for his signature Melbourne Bounce, recognizable in most of his releases, including the 2020 ones. We have enjoyed lately bangers such as “Tricky Tricky“, “Vienna“, “F#CK YEAH” and “Exciting New Sound“.

Despite a glorious career in the Bounce world, Will Sparks has experimented various times with other genres, especially Hardstyle and Techno. In this case, we have the aforementioned “Hard-Techno” experiment. Will sampled “Kids These Days” from 2011’s Ryan Riback hit and added his own vocals over the reworked production. Hironically, the vocalist complains about “kids these days” who listen to techno, while an heavy techno base is playing under it. I like to imagine that Will Sparks is targeting these “kids” who are just jumping on the bandwagon with predictable techno productions, without experimenting or adding their touch, while he’s putting a lot of effort in this project.

About this structure, there were 4 drops. My personal favourite would be the 3rd one, where there is a crazy fusions betweet Sparks’s famous lead and the hard ‘stampede’ techno structure. I’m pretty sure the Techno lovers and Bounce fans will agree on this part. Overall, I liked all the segments, where the production experiments with various old-new combinations, becoming suitable for almost every taste.

“Kids These Days” emerges as a tune of the month. I definitely voted it as 2nd favourite for this year as well. That’s how you should experiment!

You can listen to “Kids These Days” here:

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