Will Sparks x MaRLo – Feel It

• Gargantuan collaboration in one gigantic track
• Combination of drops with two different kicks
• Rave Culture advancing further with non-stop quality releases

The Dutch imprint of Rave Culture have taken the scene with gusto since their rebranding. Starting with W&W delivering “Wizard Of The Beats” to the newest additions “Ibiza 7am” and “Home Run”, the consistency in quality has much allured fans of the genre. Now, the label has revealed a devastating instrumental named “Feel It”, made by the renowned Australian dance music icons Will Sparks and MaRLo. In my opinion, we are closer to “Mainstage Recordings” here, since the erstwhile brand offered us a similar style of production.

Talking about the synergy, it might have been unexpected, however both Will Sparks and his native colleague MaRLo have made their significant mark in the industry. While imparting his distinctive flair in creating amalgamation of Hard-Psy and Bounce, we recently talked of the Melbourne native Will Sparks creating his own label CLBWRK. On the other hand, MaRLo had a team-up with the goliath Armin van Buuren, which has then charted on the Trance section of Beatport. Focusing on the Big Room-Trance fusion, works such as “The Power Within ” has advanced Reaching Altitude further. Besides that, the label has drawn a parallel with its sister brand Rave Culture (thus keeping the relationship with Armada, the owning company, intact).

Let’s kick in with a feelsy and energy-brimming intro and 2-in-1 drop segment, thanks to signature kick-drums from both parties making ample presence here. Such as with most fifty-fifty synergies, the breakdown portion is fluidly managed by MaRLo, while Will Sparks plays a role of embedding his playful tonality with the synth-riffs, not disturbing the equilibrium. Blasting in with an aggressive mentality, the main drop shows the extent of teamwork. The power is distributed coherently between the pumping triplet bassline and the screeching heavy lead sound, contradicting and complementing the piano from the prior section in a great way.
Drawing conclusions, satisfaction is bound to happen from this well-executed production, thanks to the great studio-chemistry shared between the aforementioned creators. Being a picky listener is becoming rather difficult as Rave Culture continues impressing like this!

You can listen to “Feel It” here:

Rave Culture · Will Sparks x MaRLo – Feel It