Wiwek ft Suraj & Suren – Dhol Life

• Family collaboration with brother in law and father
• Trap-infused schema, focusing on the exotic Dhol drums
• Hard-hitting drop, complex and festival-friendly

The Utrecht born & raised Wiwek Mahabali (better know with his stage name, Wiwek) has released a family collab, “Dhol Life“, on Elysian Recordings. Surprising enough, he teamed up with his brother in law, Suraj, and his own father, Suren Mahabali. I am pretty sure that, apart from a couple of collabs between Thomas Newson and his father Marco V, it’s the first time that I see a family working together in a song.

Wiwek is a legend in the Jungle Terror world, considering that he brought this specific niche to the mainstream crowd. With important collabs with names such as Skrillex, Hardwell, Gregor Salto, an important album released last year (“CYCLES“) and his own label, Maha Vana, his career has definitively reached important milestones. Now, he’s back in the game, with another surprise.

“Dhol Life” was actually recorded during CYCLES studio session with a bunch of collaborators. Mr. Suren worked on the vocal, while Suraj handled the tabla (the drums). Meanwhile, Wiwek and his fellow producer, Jeremia Jones, made the final arrangement.

In this way, a fusion of Carnival & Trap, “Dhol Life” was born: as the title suggests, its main elements are the Dhol drums played live by Suraj. I particularly liked the idea of working as a “family”, including the delightful performance by Suraj, but also by Mr. Suren: a former singer-songwriter from Suriname, he is one of the biggest inspirations for Wiwek… We have, in “Dhol Life”, two generations connecting together in a unique and exotic outcome.

Focusing on the vocal, Mr. Suren keep saying “Heey Bhaiyaa” (Hey Brother!) for a few times as the buildup increases.. Until reaching the pre-drop segment, when he shouts “Chakde!” (Let’s Go!). Then, we assist to Wiwek’s Jungle Terror, infused with heavy Trap elements and a bunch of tablas beats. I enjoyed the kick, in particular, it reminds me of 2016’s “Killa” with Skrillex!

Well, Wiwek did make interesting things with Jungle Terror, we all know that. “Dhol Life” is a sort of connection with the Trap world and with his family, and it manages to keep these aspects genuine while delivering an entertaining outcome. Backstory apart, we truly had fun with “Dhol Life”!

You can listen to “Dhol Life” here:

WIWEK · Wiwek ft Suraj & Suren – Dhol Life