Wolvero Weaves Multiple Genres with Latest EP, ‘Void’

San Francisco’s very own Wolvero continues to astound music fans’ ears with his latest EP, Void. A collection of bass house, techno, and electro house bangers, Void offers listeners a dark yet uplifting musical experience, with the artist’s refined experimentations and bass heavy vibes. ‘I resonate with Drezo’s and Dustycloud’s production techniques,’ says Wolvero, citing the Void EP’s lead track “All Aboard” as an example of ‘a rich bass texture coupled with sliding notes to fill the spectrum.’

Teaming with Seattle vocalist Celestic brought new life to the track “Lightning”. ‘I’d shelved it for months,’ Wolvero admits, ‘but her vocals fit perfectly for the track I wanted to create.’ Likewise, Wolvero’s Void fits perfectly for 2021. One EDM catches up with Wolvero once more. This time, he describes the unique characteristics of the tracks in the EP. After reading his answers on Void, check out One EDM’s first interview with the producer back in June 2020 as well.

What are your preferred genres for each track?

  • “All Aboard” – Bass House
  • “Lightning” – Bass House
  • “Sky Fall” – Techno
  • “Soul” – Electro House

What was your impetus for creating these tracks (or a specific track)? Were you inspired by anything in particular?

I found that during quarantine I had a lot of free time on my hands. I was able to mold this Idea I had for a while into something that resonated with both me and the audience. My track “All Aboard” is a great example of that. I knew I wanted a rich bass texture coupled with sliding notes to fill the spectrum.

In terms of either production techniques or artistic choices, was there anything you did differently with any of these tracks that you hadn’t done with previous works? What makes these tracks distinct from your previous works?

For my track “Lightning” featuring Celestic, I used a call-and-response technique during the drop. I alternate between a midrange distorted bass and a percussion segment with a clean bassline and ride cymbals that keep the spectrum filled.

With my track “Sky Fall”, I was able to experiment with some cool vocal chops and effects that turned out to work favorably in the final version. A lot of what you hear in the track started out as experimentation which was refined until it fit the vibe.

With my track “Soul”, I relied more heavily on the upbeat keys and bassline found in the drop that really drive the track. For the vocals, I always like to put some delay at different rates and stereo imaging layers to create a thick rich texture.

Are there any other artists or works that influenced these tracks? If so, which and how?

I resonate with Drezo and Dustyclouds‘ production technique which I channeled in my track “All Aboard”.

Are there any interesting stories or experiences associated with this track that you haven’t already referenced?

My track “Lightning” was on the back burner and shelved for a number of months until I discovered the charming and talented vocalist Celestic. Her vocals fit perfectly for the track I wanted to create and a number of revisions were made to the instrumental until the perfect balance was found.

What are four-five words that you would use to describe this work to someone you’d just met?

Driving, dark, uplifting, energetic, bass-heavy.