WonkyWilla x Big Hitta – Sideways

• Unpredictable switch between two different vibes
• Hard-hitting, yet unhinged and linear structure
• Massive bassline in a dynamic ensemble

“Sideways”, today’s highlight, provided me with a delightful experience. So, I thought why not write and share it with you guys! Produced by American artists WonkyWilla and Big Hitta, this savory Bass House creation despite keeping a slower and linear tone, as if shy of its performance, shows its real ability of ravaging dance-floors with its brutal bassline. Added to the surprise list is a funky touch, combined with an old-school touch because of the fills used, emanating a generic and clichè touch to the instrumental.

You know, if a song manages to astonish me, not admiring it plenty becomes a near impossible task. The track operates on a minimal schematics, which may have made the creation-process rather difficult. As said, the drop follows an aggressive Bass House blueprint, while the breakdown sways in funky grooves, almost as if inspired from Pop structures. I did hold a high expectation at the very first after hearing that segment (not my cup of tea), but after pressing repeat on the track, I started enjoying the charming vocal, the atmosphere and the slow build-up before the “entertainment” begins.

Thus, this duality of Pop-Bass House, created from simple but well-chosen elements, is the secret recipe of “Sideways”. From what I have discovered, Big Hitta is an experienced producer showing adeptness in both Electro House and Hip-Hop, which in turn led him to embed influences from both the genre. Thus, this two worlds have collided, whose outcome is a pleasurable yet striking experience. On the other hand, WonkyWilla delves into more aggressive, dubstep leaning Bass House signature, also present in this tune.

My only dislike, if not subjective nitpicking, are the vocal fills so utilized such as the “hell yeah” in the drop. It has become somewhat overused in the scene, and thus they approached with this expected tonality I didn’t see useful entirely. Apart from that, “Sideways” runs non-stop, and I can already imagine the effective results when played in the clubs.

Concocting a great mixture of the unpredictable and viciousness, the talented duo involved in this project have managed to craft a worthy composition!

You can listen to “Sideways” here:

WonkyWilla · WonkyWilla x Big Hitta – SIDEWAYS