Yajna’s Latest Single “Rising Phoenix” Is So Sensual And Groovy

One of the greatest surprises of the month is the release of Swedish artist Yajna’s latest single and third part of the Rising Phoenix Trilogy started with “You Are Beautiful” and “Femenomenal”. “Rising Phoenix” is the name of the last single of the trilogy, and is also one of the most symbolic and powerful songs of the trilogy, even though each of the three songs is essential to the overall concept.  The Rising Phoenix being a metaphor for the emotional rollercoaster Yajna went through the past few years due to a painful break-up and difficulties to recover from it.  But today, the London-based artist is ready to take over the world and share new music very soon, and we are extremely privileged to be among the first to review this soulful electro-pop song that moved us to our deepest core!