Yehme2 concludes his fan favorite 'Steal This Mixtape' series

Josh Young, a.k.a. YehMe2, has released his final “Steal This Mixtape” mix. The trap-heavy string of songs is the third installment from the Fool’s Gold artist. He explores the depths of drum & bass and other experimental genres in this edition, challenging himself to make a beat a day. Unique melodies and instrument combinations are used throughout the project, cross-mixing genres in songs like a trap remix of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” that adds to the mix’s eclectic nature.

Trap high hats are a continuous theme, still keeping to his original success as half of the massive EDM duo, Flosstradamus. Moving forward, Young mentioned he’s going to start focusing on pushing the boundaries of his original music.

Photo Credit: @yehme2/Instagram